Creating wealth Selling Your Online Photos

These days just about everyone has 2 things, a digital camera and also a Facebook account. Have you noticed you are being photo tagged on Facebook almost every day. Facebook claims to have over 10 billion photos from the users of theirs. if you think about how much cash is not being produced on Facebook, you’ve to rethink later another photo on Facebook is uploaded by you especially when you’re a seasoned photographer.

Let us do the math, given that 90 % of all pictures posted on Facebook doesn’t have professional value it also leaves one billion photos which may have some commercial value. If we’re to follow the pricing methods of stock photo websites, it’ll still be truly worth half a billion dollars.

Aside from getting a “like” or a nice comment from the Facebook friends of yours, as an experienced photographer you ought to think of getting a lot more value from the web based photographs of yours. What you should look into is to monetize the online photos of yours or even get advertising mileage which can help your photography business grow as opposed to have your pictures stored on Facebook and waiting for your Facebook friends to “like” them.

How you are able to earn money on your web photographs?

1. Create an internet site

Your own internet site will be the best place to make money on the online images of yours. A basic website performing on WordPress will do. If you like freebies, try creating a blog on Blogger or Tumblr.

2. Create a Fotomoto Account

Selling the online photos of yours with stock photo internet sites will not make you money but rather it undervalues the photo of yours and yourself to be a photographer. The fastest way to earn money with the online photos of yours is whether you can name your very own price and this is possible with Fotomoto. It’s an e commerce system for photographers, it’s free and charge you only if you distribute your online photos. It does the job with WordPress blogs, Blogger blogs and Tumblr blogs.

3. Create a Facebook Page

I didn’t say to deactivate your Facebook account. What I’d like you to accomplish is create a Facebook Page. The primary advantage of a Facebook Page or a Fan Page over your typical Facebook account is that it does not have the 5,000 buddy limit. What it means is actually that it provides you a lot better benefit in terms of marketing and advertising when you post anything about your photography business particularly if you upload an image online.

4. Create a Twitter Account

Mainly to make use of it to advertise your internet site where you upload the online photos of yours for sale.

These’re the only things you need to systematically make money selling photos online. The when you are thinking of posting a photograph on Facebook, think twice before you do. Consider the potential money it is able to enable you to get if upload and promote it on the own website of yours and simply update your Facebook status that you’ve a web based photo up for sale. The dollars you can make might get you the digital camera you have been dreaming about.

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