Geeks and Nerds Get Hot Girls

In case you read the name of this text you are most likely thinking to yourself that neither geeks neither nerds are able to get hot girls or perhaps plain and simple any women at all. The reality is you would be surprise to the quantity of hot girls both geeks and nerds can in reality get. These days females are now choosing smarter guys than good looking ones. Plus to girls is simply not about the great looks is really about attraction.

Now you’re probably wondering what’s the difference between great looking and attractive? The solution is simple because attractive indicates not just actually attractive but also psychologically attractive as well as charismatic. So remember that wonderful looks might get you females occasionally but if you have absolutely no personality or a brain than forget it.

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And so the truth is geeks and nerds know this and guess what, they make use serotonin and wish getting women with their brains and charisma and this’s best done online.

The secret that these geeks and nerds know is no secret at all is definitely something most men just do not think about or even pay attention to. Majority of guys wouldn’t spend hours upon hours learning about females and what it is that makes them the way they’re.

I honestly would not either but I was fortunate enough to talk to a geek nerdy good friend of mine and he told me all about it. The simple and obvious causef guys get rejected and the reason why most guys can’t get females.

Guys are just very aggressive in the approach, I’m not saying to never be aggressive within the amount of times you do it but in how you do it. Be more of a warm and friendly cultural girl and be confident in yourself.

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