One of several biggest issues in a long-term relationship is trying to make things exciting in the room.

Whether it’s work, the kids or another thousand things you need to accomplish, dedicating a bit of time to maintain the fire burning in the sex life of yours is generally easier said than accomplished. Let us face it, all of us have lives which are busy. Thus, it makes sense to look for ideas that could be used time and time again in your lovemaking repertoire.

Behold and lo: “100 Sex Games For Couples.” Sex video games really are a good way to keep things fresh and unique and often have a longer recyclable worth than most positions and techniques.

But does this particular book by Michael Webb really deliver? Let’s find out 😀

To begin, I actually enjoyed the introduction of the publication and how it discussed intimacy being physical, emotional, and spiritual. It genuinely sets the tone for the whole book and also emphasizes that these games are very about “making love,” not having sex.

So what about the games themselves? In reality, I was surprised to find there were only thirty three sex games in the publication. Instead, the other sixty seven games are variations of the first thirty three games, changing the rules of the video games to build different versions. While this was a little disappointing at first, after reading the manual, I became rather excited to try most of the games myself. There’s a lot more than adequate in there to preserve things exciting for a while. And of course, several activities will help keep you entertained longer compared to others.

Nonetheless, on the flipside, you won’t find a lot of these gaming systems anywhere else. In that sense, they really are unique and original. poorn was truly pleased with the level of imagination and creativity when it comes to these games.

You will find exciting activities such as: a guessing game (one of my personal favorites), a night of passion that starts in other places, a game where stories get your drive for fun, a card game with a twist, a great game to pick your bedroom pants, and several others involving sharing, touching, communicating, and food intimate moments.

Overall, the book is truly worth the asking price, considering it can be the very thing that directs you closer together as a couple!

So the verdict? I Love it and I absolutely recommend “100 Sex Games For Couples” to any couple that wishes to bring back the fire and add that magic touch.

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