Sex positions: the best and worst.

A good deal of discussion has focused on the sexual choices women make when they’re younger — how they play. “It was never meant to be a question of how you play,” says Dr. Helen Fisher, the University of New South Wales psychologist who pioneered a theory that the penis is our most important sexual organ. “It’s a question of how you look. I would encourage that.”

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A woman’s sexual body may well be shaped by what she’s seen in film and television in the months before puberty, but it’s less sure-footed in real life, where we’re exposed to countless images of men’s and women’s bodies throughout our lifetimes, with all sorts of variations — from the thin, youthful-looking one to muscular and hairy at the same time. Most men, for example, aren’t exactly the same as the ones portrayed on TV and in the movies. The average erect penis among adult men is much larger than it is among female teenagers.

The average female, on the other hand, is not at all different in shape or form from the picture on an X-rated video.

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