Sexting Is Just the Beginning

The teen fad of texting-if it’s simply a fad-has been proven to be fatal. As I’ve written before, “Let’s face it, as any parent or teacher knows, teenagers could be a delight, and they might be horror. It all comes with the territory, the maturation process, as the limits are tested by teens, hit the envelopes, and drive parents to drink as well as distraction.” In the natural lack of theirs of discretion, people which are young have much too often exceeded those boundaries and brought embarrassing and sometimes much even worse unintended consequences on themselves.

Amongst the earliest testimonials to the deadliness of teenagers publishing nude or partially nude pictures of themselves on the net was the 2008 circumstances of pretty, vivacious Jessica Logan of Cincinnati, Ohio. At the tender age of 18, Jessica hanged herself in the bedroom of her after a boyfriend circulated a single compromising and revealing picture she had sent for his eyes only. She was recognized “a slut, porn queen, whore” by different females and humiliated to her death.

Whatever the blatant hypocrisy of Jessica’s former friends who may perfectly likewise have sexted and of the ethically-challenged former beau of her, estimates of a several years ago were that anywhere from twenty two % to fifty % of teenagers have inappropriate pictures on the cell phones of theirs, that thirty nine % of adolescents have sexted, and that 48 % admit to receiving sexts. “Inappropriate,” of course, is in the eyes of the beholder as well as many teen beholders are unable to distinguish the difference between what’s licentious and what’s appropriate often to their dismay, as well as circumstances of prosecution as purveyors of child porn.

See previous articles on sexting on this particular internet site, including “Teen Texting, Sexting, and Suicide.”, in an article titled, “Sexting and your Kids,” updated the sexting photograph with information that is new on the effects of sexting founded on surveys from CosmoGirl, which teens read, and also the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, which they don’t. According to that update, which includes sexting estimates somewhat lower compared to the above figures, “22 % of young adults admit that technology makes them personally more into the future and aggressive, 38 % say exchanging attractive content tends to make dating or hooking up with others much more likely, and 29 % of teenagers think those exchanging sexy written content are’ expected’ to hook or date up.”

If accurate, sexting has blossomed from a foolish but relatively innocuous activity-innocuous except for Jessica Logan into a medium encouraging and facilitating teenage sexual intercourse. sex chat did not need any such encouragement or perhaps facilitation although parents who believed their young children were only being stupid by sexting and who have been just registering with the crowd have another thing coming.

ParentDish’s guidance for parents is not awfully original but is nonetheless well worth repeating:

Don’t wait for an incident to happen to the child of yours or your child’s friend before you mention the effects of sexting.

Remind the children of yours that when an image is sent, it can never be retrieved-and they will lose control of it.
Talk about pressures to send revealing photos. Let teens know that you appreciate how they can be pushed or dared into sending one thing.

Teach your children that the buck stops with them. If somebody sends them a photo, they need to delete it right away.

Depending on the kid and his or perhaps her relationship with the parent(s), all those words of wisdom may be met with casual indifference or by active aggression, or perhaps they are going to serve as a wake-up phone call to children that they could pay for the rest of their life for being overly helpful. On the contrary, hearing that a sexy photo or 2 could get them a hook-up, some teens will race to the bedrooms of theirs with cell phone in hand, providing the parent(s) to question what they have wrought. Life and rearing young adults are a crapshoot.

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