ten Great Places To Have Sex With Your Woman

Many couples get trapped in a rut and wind up getting the very same type of sex, in an equivalent place, over and over again. And that get’s painful very quickly.

So if you would like to re-ignite the spark in your sex life, or simply be sure it doesn’t go — read on immediately and try out some of these great PLACES TO HAVE SEX.

1. In A Hotel

There’s just something about going to a resort with the lady of yours that screams SEX since it has a tendency to make everything more exciting and fascinating.

2. In The Car

Sure, it may make you feel 18 again… but would be that really such a terrible thing?

Try it out, you might like it.

3. In A Public Toilet

Yeah, I know… it is a big dirty and a small amount nasty. BUT — that is what makes it a lot of fun. Just make confident you secure the door.

4. In The Woods

There is something about outdoor sex that causes you to feel’ alive’. When the weather’s great test it.

nairobi raha to do it’s doggy style… your lady consumes a tree to hold onto plus you take her from behind.

5. On The Beach

Once more, it’s good to be outdoors.

But this time we’ve traded the woods for a beach… warm weather, sun, ocean & sand is , naturally, a great recipe for brilliant sex.

6. In front of A Mirror

This just makes the sex so a lot more exciting.

Try it doggy-style in front of the mirror so that as she watches you are doing her from behind — grab the hair of her, spank her ass and TALK DIRTY.

She will appreciate it.

7. In The Bathroom

You will find options that are many in this room… sit her over the sink, have her in the bath or even sit on the bathroom and let her travel on you.

The only limit of yours is the creativity of yours.

8. In The Office

The ideal spot to act out her NAUGHTY SECRETARY dream.

9. In The Kitchen

Much like the bathroom, there are many great places to have sex in this room.

You sat on the kitchen chair, her on top.

The bent of her over the table.

You find the idea.

10. At A Sex Club

This one’s somewhat different, but many girls have an illusion to be watched by other individuals or have group sex. If this is one thing you and your woman are keen on, a sex club is the area to do it.

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