Toy Giant Invites Gay Couple To Help Create Same-Sex Doll Set

A same sex Arizona couple have been required to handle the makers of the legendary Barbie doll to make LGBTQ inclusive figures because of the series, KNXV TV reported.Image result for sex dolls

The engaged couple caught the interest of Mattel, makers of the doll, after among the males, Matt Jacobi, posted a photograph on Instagram of a pair of dolls that he and partner Nick Caprio had assembled for Jacobi’s 8-year-old niece.

Jacobi is an E! reality TV style along with a contributor to Instinct Magazine.

The pair had been searching for a birthday present of the youngster, who is going to serve as a flower female at their May wedding day.

Jacobi posted the photograph with an information to Mattel that said, “I hope this motivates you.”

Jacobi received a contact from Mattel days later, requiring that the couple go to Los Angeles to assist the company develop much more diverse choices for the Barbie collection.

“For them to reach out as well as get to social networking shows the potential of the voice of yours on interpersonal media,” Caprio said. “It was wonderful to have the ability to communicate with them and we are really excited to find out exactly where this goes and hire them.”

Caprio believes whether kids are subjected to these kinds of toys while they’re growing up, it’ll help make being around same sex couples appear to be normal.

“They’re a huge component of the culture of ours and it is an issue that if children are usually subjected to this and could see their very own family,” Caprio said.

“It removes the issue of’ what is this?’ and also the explanation and story which is long that you’ve to go through, since it is something which will be what it’s and it is just people who are in love.”

A spokesperson for Mattel confirmed that the organization had reached out with the couple to create a meeting.

“Mattel has been great and we’re meeting with the top of Barbie design, the design team of theirs, and advertising – either next Friday or even the very first week of January,” Jacobi said. “Just sorting out traveling details as well as schedules. We’re really grateful!”

The Barbie creators produced an Instagram blog post in November 2017 in which 2 of the dolls featured tees with the LGBT “Love Wins” mantra on them.

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